How do XTEND Drone Systems Win the Mission?

With the advent of machine vision and artificial intelligence, technology that allows humans to experience and interact with remote environments is no longer science fiction. Today’s latest in AR/VR technology together with XTEND’s unique UX patented operating system, places a user directly “into” a remote location, allowing him to receive information about and interact with any situation in real-time, at the click of a button, from miles away

At the forefront of this revolutionary innovation, we are XTEND. The leading drone developers of  Human-Guided Autonomous Drone Systems. XTEND is revolutionizing the way humans and machines work together. Where high-risk military scenarios pose a serious threat to human life, our state-of-the-art drone solutions superpower operators to get the job done, without any unnecessary risk to human life.


The XTEND SKYLORD drone product family—GRIFFON, XTENDER, and WOLVERINE—delivers entirely unique urban warfare functionalities, such as close-quarters battle, counter-drone (c-UAS), counter-improvised explosive device (c-IED) initiatives, and even subterranean (Sub-T) operations. Designed as wearable, mobile, lightweight systems with a single hand, natural hand gestures-based controller, and virtual reality goggles, SKYLORD drone systems empower operators and small force units with unprecedented capabilities. Interactions in remote environments via 3D VR video, indoor/outdoor 3D navigation, and artificial intelligence, provide improved situational awareness & understanding, resulting in tactical superiority.



Ideal for mid-range tactical missions, SKYLORD GRIFFON is a SMART hard-kill Counter-UAS system that enables any operator with zero flight experience to kinetically intercept aerial threats using a resilient ultra-fast drone system. Fusing edge technology with human-centric cognitive capabilities, such as 3D navigation, visual HMI spatial translation, and augmented reality API, operators can deploy multiple drone teams to detect, identify, and intercept enemy drones. The SKYLORD GRIFFON is designed to defeat Group 1/2 COTS UAS and RCMA in ranges of up to three miles from the launch point. It flies up to 80mph and uses a detachable single-use effector to intercept the target drone within seconds of recognition.

Developed as part of a joint effort between the U.S. DoD and IMoD, these combat-proven, specialized devices are optimized to get the job done. 


SKYLORD XTENDER: Micro-Tactical Indoor ISR 

When the mission involves close-quarters battle and indoor operations, warfighters are deploying SKYLORD XTENDER, an Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), micro-tactical drone system, a revolutionary indoor-outdoor drone system already adopted by tier-1 units across the world. XTENDER is able to enter a remote target site, perform accurate tasks— such as recon, data collection, and diagnostics— and exit the facility, agnostic of any indoor-outdoor transition limitations and regardless of GPS denial. 

The XTENDER system is also built to be coupled with various tactical, operational, and/or sensorial payloads, and even be deployed in a Drone Team mode by switching between task-optimized drones on the go. 


In partnership with Israel’s Ministry of Defense, the U.S. The Department of Defense contracted XTEND to deliver dozens of XTENDER systems, as part of an initiative to assist U.S. Special Operations Forces to save lives and ensure mission success in any combat scenario. 



Lastly, XTEND created SKYLORD WOLVERINE utilizing the same cross-platform operating system with an integrated robotic arm, allowing the drone to perform surgical precision pick up and drop tasks with precision and versatility, in complex environments. 


Paired with XTENDER, whose micro-tactical discrete build is ideal for reconnaissance missions, WOLVERINE’s surgical robotic capabilities can enhance any multi-mission initiatives, including counter-improvised explosive device (IED) missions as well as pre-defined autonomous or real-time waypoint missions. This is done all while keeping operators physically out of the range of the threat. Additional tactical missions include placing surveillance and EW payloads in desired points of interest. With WOLVERINE, operators receive real-time visuals and can pick and drop off objects, in situations where precision and versatility are paramount. 


Together, XTEND’s world-leading suite of tactical SKYLORD drones enables operators to perform complex tasks from any location with great ease and precision. With minimal training and no expertise required, users can benefit from full situational awareness and understanding coupled with the ability for remote physical manipulation, in order to complete a myriad of missions—all without putting any lives at risk.