xtend™ Griffon

drone systems

A Counter-UAS system that enables any operator with zero flight experience to kinetically intercept aerial threats using a resilient ultra-fast drone system. Serving as a human extension, the system utilizes sophisticated VR and sensor fusion technology, allowing operators to perform vision-assisted, semi-automated interceptions and control a drone team that automatically launches when detecting aerial threats.

compatible with any detection and c2 systems

Designed as a wearable, mobile, lightweight system with a single-hand, natural hand gestures-based controller, the Griffon allows the operator to conduct an interception process via expendable, disposable physical effectors that detach upon interception impact. The Griffon system efficiently interfaces with both Detection and Command & Control systems to seamlessly integrate into a single Detection → Interception System.

smart hard kill, modular effectors

The Griffon is designed to defeat Group 1/2 COTS UAS and RCMA in ranges of up to 3 miles from the launch point. It flies up to 80mph and uses a single-use effector to intercept the target drone within seconds of recognition. Configured and optimized for multi-rotor interception, it supports a modular architecture and will also be able to eliminate fixed-wing elements with a dedicated effector.

key features

Full support of 3rd party cueing and C2 system

Day and night
seamless operation

Hardened systems for maximal durabilty

Navigation in GPS/GNSS denied environments

Standby mode: drone
auto-launched from C2 command

Support of multiple interception methods

Onboard computer vision: detection, tracking, interception

Pre-plan autonomous patrol missions

Technical Specifications


Dimensions - frame size


3 blades propeller size


Weight including battery

2 lbs (1 Kg)

Visual sensor

EO and Starlight


Interception net


Max flight time

12 min

Max speed

80 mph (120 km/ h)

Max payload weight

up to 1.1 lbs (500g)

Effective kill range

3 miles


Operating frequencies

915 Mhz

Video frequencies

5.8 Ghz



Max band width

500 kbps


GCS total weight

4.4 lbs (2Kg)


Operational temp range

1 to 125 F (-10 to 50 C)

Max wind

25 knots


5 knots


Training time

1 hr > basic control
3 days > Full proficiency


Auto takeoff and landing | Hold position | Patented “mark & fly”

| Auto return to home | Waypoint missions | Fail safe

Made in the usa



RADA | REDRONE | GEOdome | Guardian | D-FEND

success story

xtend delivers counter-drone systems to u.s dod

At the forefront of developing solutions that eradicate small drones, XTEND has delivered dozens of its Griffon counter-drone interception systems for operational usage to the U.S. Department of Defense and to the United States Army Special Operations Command. The DoD has allocated $404 million for C-UAS research and development as well as $83 million for C-UAS procurement for the 2021 fiscal year.

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