xtend™ Wolverine

drone systems

A revolutionary tactical aerial system that enables any operator with zero flight experience to perform accurate remote multi-mission tasks in complex environments and engage in IED threats without any physical risk. A combination of XTEND’s patented Mark & Fly technology integrated into the company’s proprietary drone operating system and an integral robotic arm, enables the operator to remotely interact and affect the environment with surgical precision pick & drop tasks.

Superior situational awareness and understanding

The thermal system utilizes sensor fusion and machine learning technologies to empower the operator with superior situational awareness and understanding, allowing better tactical decision-making, on the fly, away from harm’s way.


Designed as a wearable, mobile, lightweight and rugged system with a single-hand, natural gesture-based controller, the Wolverine allows the operator to conduct counter-improvised explosive (C-IED) missions using exchangeable payloads without physically being in the range of threat.

key features

Full support of 3rd party cueing and C2 system

Day and night
seamless operation

Pre-plan autonomous patrol missions

Navigation in GPS/GNSS denied environments

Bottom and front looking visual sensors

Thermal investigation capable

Crane view operation

Precision pick & drop capabilities

Technical Specifications


Dimensions with propellers

L=20" W=22.2" H=5"

Dimensions without propellers

L=20" W=22.2" H=5"

3 blades propeller size


Weight including battery

3 lbs (1.3kg)

Pilot camera

EO / Starlight

Thermal camera

FLIR boson


Robotic Arm (Interchangeable))


Max flight time

Up to 30 min

Max speed

45 mph (70 Km/h)

Max payload weight

4.4 lbs (2 Kg)

Max range (LOS)

4.3 miles (7 Km)


Operating frequencies

915 mhz / 1.6 GhZ - 2.4 Ghz

Video frequencies

5.8 Ghz / 1.6. Ghz - 2.4 Ghz


AES128 / AES256

Max band width

500 kbps / 10mbps


GCS total weight

4.4 lbs (2Kg)


Operational temp range

To 125 F (-10 to 50 C)

Max wind

25 knots


15 knots


Auto takeoff and landing | Hold position | Patented “mark & fly”

| Auto return to home | Waypoint missions | Fail safe

Made in the usa


success story

xtend delivers counter-drone systems to u.s dod

At the forefront of developing solutions that eradicate small drones, XTEND has delivered dozens of its SKYLORD™ GRIFFON counter-drone interception systems for operational usage to the U.S. Department of Defense and to the United States Army Special Operations Command. The DoD has allocated $404 million for C-UAS research and development as well as $83 million for C-UAS procurement for the 2021 fiscal year.

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