The Battlefield Innovation of the 21 Century

The battlefield is dramatically changing. Machine vision, Artificial intelligence, and advanced Augmented-Reality (AR) technology have added significant tactical advantages that contribute to warfighters’ superiority. Soldiers no longer need to risk their lives by completing missions unaided. Revolutionary Human-Guided, Autonomous Drone Systems serve as human extensions and give operators the ability to intercept aerial threats, deliver sensitive packages, complete Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) and even counter-improvised explosive device (IED) tasks, all without needing “boots on the ground” in dangerous areas. Where high-risk military scenarios pose a serious threat to human life, AR/VR-enabled drones empower operators to get the job done, without unnecessary risk to human life. 


We are super proud to lead the charge in developing these human-centric systems that are designed to enable anyone to experience, interact with, and fly in remote environments, anywhere, anytime. Our SKYLORD drones include all the sensors of autonomous drones with full sensor fusion powered by an innovative cross-platform operating system. These drones are capable of performing automatic/autonomous tasks such as obstacle avoidance, navigating in corridors (indoors) and between waypoints (outside), and can be operated by any operator, even those with little to no flight experience. When it comes down to performing super complex missions such as intercepting a rogue drone at 100MPH, navigating in unmapped closed quarters or placing a payload with less than 10cm accuracy, there is still the need for human intervention. Our human-guided autonomous drones couple autonomous capabilities with human cognition. This unique combination is what makes us so powerful, so unique and so innovative.