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XTEND’s revolutionary human-guided autonomous systems allow any operator, with no flight experience, to perform extremely accurate maneuvers and actions, in any scenario indoors and outdoors.

Designed to address the main
concerns of modern warfare:



Micro tactical indoor ISR for multi-payload tasks in confined space scenarios

A new micro tactical indoor ISR system that enables any operator to perform accurate remote multi-mission tasks in complex environments. The Xtender is able to enter a remote target site, perform recon and data collection tasks with extreme precision, and seamlessly exit, agnostic of any indoor-outdoor transition limitations and regardless of any GPS denied locations. Additionally, it enables control of drone teams and remote control of payloads deployed indoors, and actively affects the operational scenario.



Multi-mission UAS for surgical precision of delicate pick & drop tasks

A tactical aerial drone system that enables any operator to perform surgical precision pick & drop delicate tasks. The Wolverine utilizes sensor fusion and machine learning technologies to empower the operator with superior situational awareness and understanding, allowing better tactical decision-making, on the fly, away from harm’s way.



Man-portable C-UAS system for kinetic interception of aerial threats

A Counter-UAS system that enables any operator to kinetically intercept aerial threats using a resilient ultra-fast drone system. Serving as a human extension, the Griffon allows operators to perform vision-assisted, semi-automated interceptions and to control a drone team that automatically launches when detecting aerial threats, all away from harm's way.



Tactical aerial system for strike missions

Crafted to be wearable, mobile, and durable, HOUND boasts a lightweight design and an intuitive single-handed controller based on natural gestures. This innovation facilitates ISR and attack missions without the operator needing to physically approach potential threats. Its capabilities extend to tasks like EOD and payload placement, expanding its utility in various tactical scenarios.

cross platform
Proprietary Operating system

Patented Mark & Fly technology integrated into XTEND’s industry-leading drone operating system, pairing human intelligence and machine autonomy together to superpower soldier’s abilities and simultaneously save lives.

Multiple mission applications &
drone variations

Autonomy for complex
flight dynamics

Human-centric interface for
complex decision-making

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Carrying system

Gesture-based controller

VR display

Ground Communication Unit (GCU)

Ground control system

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In the coming years, a mix of virtual reality, fast wireless networks, and machines like drones and rovers will allow people to immerse themselves in actual, far-flung environments—in real-time.

Wall Street Journal

What we saw in XTEND is an opportunity for a compelling hybrid model. XTEND's underlying technology enables ANY user to fly a drone accurately and seamlessly, with minimal training.

TPY Capital

They've created an experience in which humans and autonomous machines work hand in hand, collaborating to perform complex tasks that are otherwise impossible for any of them separately.

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